Here you can download the documentation that you will require to undertake the audit.

Support documentation for SAMBA 18 has now been uploaded.
Please make sure you have the final versions of the questionnaire forms (uploaded 08/06/2018).

  1. 'How to guide' to allow you plan and run the audit smoothly
  2. The patient master list that allows you to anonymise the data-set
  3. A unit questionnaire about your local set-up
  4. A patient questionnaire.
  5. The protocol underpinning SAMBA18
  6. A form for your Caldicott Guardian (also as a Word document)
  7. Database Governance
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

If you're having difficulty downloading the files, try right-clicking and choosing "Save File".

You can download all documents in a ZIP file:

Download all documents